Are you planning to experience Singapore at night in an awesome way? Well, I had tried it and it was really memorable wherein I want to share it to all of you here in my blog. Singapore is very hot and because of that, it is best to tour the City at night.

Here are the things that you can do and enjoy Singapore at night:

  1. Witness the spectacular “Light Show: Garden Rhapsody” at Gardens by the Bay.
    Garden Rhapsody
    Garden Rhapsody
    Gardens by the bay
    Garden Rhapsody

    Music, lights and outstanding sights of the supertrees at night that would entertain everyone through their light and music show called Garden Rhapsody. This will happen every night from 8:00PM to 9:00PM at Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

  2. Taste the delicious signature of Hainanese Chicken at Chinatown.


    Chinatown has the best and different choices for pasalubong. There are a lot of Singapore souvenirs that you can choose (t-shirt, keychain, wallets, bag and even chocolates). This is the cheapest center for pasalubong. You can buy a wallet for only 3 for S$10 and/or chocolates for S$10.

  3. Dinner at the famous “Best Satay” Hawker Center in Lau Pa Sat.


    Located in 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore (just a walking distance from Clark Quay) is the famous and wide range of Satay Hawker Center. It is the cheapest group meal that I had experienced so far. There are a lot of choices as well from pork, chicken, beef, lamb and prawn. The best satay that I really like is their prawn satay.


    There is a very cheap “Teh Tarik” or milk tea as well that is served either in hot or cold. Best for dinner after walking the riverside of Clark Quay.

  4. Experience night life at Clark Quay.
    Clark Quay
    Raffles Clark Quay
    Clark Quay
    Clark Quay

    There are a lot of things to do in Clark Quay and one of the best things that we did with my cousin was walking and exploring the area. You can experience a different kind of view here. If you want to eat and drink, this place is the best place for you as well. Restaurants were open 24 hours. There is a seafood restaurant here wherein you need to get some crabs, lobsters, fish, etc. from an aquarium. Yes, fresh from aquarium. They will  prepare it for you then. But we did not eat here because we found it expensive 😉 Since Lau Pa Sat was just nearby, we just walk until we found Lau Pa Sat with great cheap meals.

  5. Shopping at Bugis Street.


    If you are a fan of high-end brands and you can afford it, well this place is best for you. Though there are some cheap products as well (but I prefer Chinatown – cheapest pasalubong center).

  6. Visit the Sentosa Island at night.


    Sentosa is best to visit any time of the day. You can enjoy different types of entertainment both for children and adults as per my last post/page in Singapore. At night, you can enjoy the view while riding a cable car.

    So, these are the things that I did at night in Singapore. There are a lot of things to do even at late nights. You can visit the Singapore zoo as well which opens until 12 midnight and there were libraries and museums to visit any time of the day.