Have you noticed (or just me?) that the Philippines is getting hotter now? That is because it is the start of summer. When I think of summer, I easily be reminded of the breeze of the sea, travel adventure, swimming, hot weather, watermelon 🙂 and a lot more… I had written  some other summer adventures  in my previous post and this is not an exception. Summer is also Bon Odori time.

I started to attend Bon Odori (it happened every year in Cebu) last 2014 and I noticed that a lot has changed as time passed by. The activities improved a lot, people got noticed of the event and a lot of new foods were displayed. It is a super fun and stomach-full activity.

Bon Odori Japanese Summer Festival 2018

photo courtesy from JCenter Mall Events

Bon Odori is what Japanese called as Obon or just Bon (Japanese Buddhist custom to honor their ancestors). It usually happens during summer holidays in Japan and since it influenced a lot here in the Philippines, it does not just happen once a year. It happened during summer holidays in the Philippines which is around April-May and summer holidays in Japan which is June-August.

This year, Cebu celebrates it once again and it is happening now (April 28, 2018) until tomorrow April 29, 2018 at the back of JCenter Mall, Mandaue City.

For those who loves foodtrip, rest assured more foods can be found here like original/authentic ramen, bento boxes and other authentic Japanese cuisines as well as authentic Filipino cuisines. Don’t waste your time and proceed to JCenter Mall in Mandaue with family and friends.

(featured image courtesty of Japan Shoppers)