Balingasag, Misamis Oriental is a normal place. When I passed by in this area, I never thought that there are hidden nature in this quiet and amazing place in Mindanao . I’ve never been to Balingasag before and it was my first time when I took this picture.


I was here because of work. I worked as a Researcher at Research Institute of Mindanao Culture. As part of our work, we conducted surveys to different barangays in Mindanao. It was a good thing that I am part of the team who went to Balingasag. So, this is Balingasag 🙂

Rich in nature like mountains, rivers and other nature-adventure. You can do hiking to the mountains or do your laundry on a river. This is just a small simple place part of Mindanao. It is not a well-known place but I assure you, you will enjoy the simple life here.